Prevention includes regular dental exams, cleanings, and x-rays, to maintain your oral health. Sealants and fluoride are also preventative treatments we offer that help our patients maintain a healthy mouth.

Prophylaxis (professional cleaning)
A dental hygienist preforms professional dental cleanings on a regular basis to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other avoidable oral problems.

Fluoride is used to help harden the enamel of teeth. Fluoride can be applied as a gel, varnish, or used in mouth trays as a foam. 30 minutes is the waiting period before eating after receiving fluoride.

Children who are cavity prone or and those who have poor brushing habits may benefit from sealants. Some adults may also benefit from sealants. Many people have deep grooves in their molars and premolars where bacteria and food particles collect causing decay; sealants are a great way to prevent decay on the chewing surface of your teeth.

Digital X-ray
Our environmentally friendly office uses digital x-rays. Not only are digital x-rays faster but they emit up to 90% less radiation than the traditional x-ray and do not require harmful chemicals to develop. In seconds we have a high-quality detailed image of your teeth. Because they are digital x-rays we are able to display them on the screen in your exam room to better explain your diagnosis. Along with patient education, digital x-rays are an efficient way we can send information to your insurance company and to specialists for patient referrals.

Panoramic X-ray
An extra oral projection showing the entire mouth. This allows us to diagnose otherwise unseen problems, such as impacted wisdom teeth, residual abscesses, malformations, bone and joint issues (TMJ disorder).

Comprehensive Initial Examination
This exam is performed by Dr. Swan once every 5 years. We will record your dental history, evaluate and record missing or unerupted teeth, restorations, existing prostheses, occlusal relationships, periodontal conditions, hard and soft tissue anomalies, and screen for oral cancer.